As a now defunct airline, Armavia still inspires many people as the former national carrier of Armenia. The airline operated for nearly twenty years and provided many international passenger routes between Yerevan and various destinations in Asia and Europe.

This website is dedicated to all aspects of Armavia. Based in Zvartnots International Airport for much of its operational history, Armavia unfortunately filed for bankruptcy proceedings in 2013 and is now no longer a going concern. However, the rich heritage of the airline has been left behind for us to enjoy and this website applauds the achievement of the crew, management and pilots of Armavia. We aim to provide an uplifting experience for any like-minded fans of Armavia. Who knows when we may see a similarly ambitious airline once more taking to the sky in the same manner as the illustrious Armavia?

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The logo of Armavia

To conclude, please feel free to navigate your way around this site. Whether you happen to want to find out more about Armavia’s history from its founding in 1996, or to discover more about the fleet that was used during the airline’s lifetime, you will be able to do so. Alternatively, if you want to know about the domestic and international destinations the airline operated, you can do so. Lastly, we have included a section on other Armenian airlines to put the history of Armavia into a wider context.

Armavia History

Running a wide range of international passenger flights between 1996 and 2013, the history of Armavia is rich despite not being particularly long. Find out more about the founding of the airline, its operational highlights – when over 800,000 passengers were carried by it – and the sad closure of services.


Armavia flew a number of aircraft which are noteworthy and you can find out more about them all, from the Yakolev Yak-42D which was used for VIP flights to the well-known passenger jets. The Armavia fleet also included the might Sukhoi Superjet 100 for a time.


Flying from its primary base at Zvartnots International Airport, close to Yerevan, Armavia flew to many destinations in Asia, Russia and Western Europe. The extensive list of Armavia’s routes includes cities such as Beirut, Moscow, Athens and Paris, among many others.

Other Armenian Airlines

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