Armavia Airlines flew to dozens of locations at the height of its success as an airline. Though its home base was at the Zvartnots, Armenia, airport, flights would go from Yerevan to Europe and Asia. Some of its main destinations were Russia, Greece, Turkey, the Ukraine, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Israel, and of course back to its hub in Armenia.

Armavia A319


Russian flights with Armavia stopped in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Mineralnye Vody, Rostov-on-Don, Samara, St Petersburgh, Sochi, Stavropol, and Vladikavkaz. Russia is a very large country, in fact it is the largest in the world (Canada is second) for land-mass. With a variety of locations to serve Russia, tourists and those returning home to see family could experience a range of weather conditions depending upon their destination. For instance, in Moscow in December the average temperature is -3 C whereas in August in Moscow it is 21.9 C.


Greece was not always a country in strife, a beautiful Island in the Mediterranean, the Athens flight by Armavia would have given passengers much to see on the takeoff and landing, any time of year. There are three main climates in Greece – the Mediterranean which can be dry or wet and generally warm, the Alpine Mediterranean with harsh winters and cool summers, and the Transitional-Continental- Mediterranean which offers both the continental and Mediterranea climates: cold, wet winters and summers which are warm but can be easily changeable and not as warm as the Islands closer to the sea.


Turkey is a country which is sometimes known as the bridge between East and West. Its people are generally said to be very hospitable, and there is a blend of cultures such as Mosques and churches, Roman theatres and temples, gypsy festivals, classic and popular music concerts, and football matches.


In the Ukraine, you can travel to enjoy a quick holiday or for business connections. Armavia business passengers might have had import/export connections or suppliers in the Ukraine. Odessa offers a world class opera house, the Odessa National Academic and Ballet Theatre.


Lebanon, as a middle-east country, would offer warmer weather. As part of the middle east, treasure seekers might travel there or to the United Arab Emirates to sightsee and look for whatever old coins or trinkets may be available along the beach or in the quirky shops. As a rich area, the UAE could be an attraction for certain sorts of business interests – commodities, or perhaps import and export operations. Those who needed a break from the hot sun in Lebanon could take a break at one of the mountain ski hills.


France contains excellent food and wine as well as legendary attractions. Trading with Paris as an Armavia air passenger might mean opening up the other countries along the route to the latest fashions and fads. One of the top places to vacation, Armavia probably had a lot of happy economy travelers who could hop a plane and escape to Paris for a romantic weekend.


Germany, an industrialized nation, would have provided another escape for business and tourist classes as well. For those who had emigrated from Armenia to Germany and Israel, or vice versa, having a handy commuter class option for short flights would seem to be ideal. In Israel, passengers could travel some of the holy lands or enjoy the business connections that flights throughout Armavia’s airline company offered.